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  1. Hi Sean, I attach the file and I should add that I export with the "preserve accuracy" option checked gradient-bug.afdesign
  2. Affinity Designer 1.7.3 (Mac OS Mojave) The problem occurs when exporting to PSD format an object with a gradient filling and transparency set to below 100%. Affinity Designer graphics: Export result to a Photoshop file: Photoshop gradient layer is rasterised to 50% (this is where the problem is) + opacity set to 50% (properly) Could be a duplicate of this topic:
  3. Hi! Yes, same number of points - 4. It might actually be intended by developers, but it seems to me that the brushes should never be distorted. Deforming brushes is like deforming fonts Then maybe in addition to the 'scale with object' (=resize stroke size) option an additional 'transform with object' (=deform brush) option would be useful? Anyone? Apart from that, the third example is a completely random behavior for me.
  4. I don't know if the problem was ever discussed on the forum, I didn't find a similar topic. After deforming a shape with a transform box, brushes in "vector persona" mode are rendered incorrectly. See attachment for three examples: 1. draw an oval and define a brush -> everything ok. 2. draw a circle, define a brush and deform to an oval with a transform box -> distorted brush 3. draw a circle, define a brush, deform to an oval using the "transform box", select the "scale with object" option -> almost ok but still not correct. The problem does not occur when we manually move nodes to distort the object.
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