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  1. Out of curiosity, has Affinity stated that they are changing the design from what it currently does to handle these situations?
  2. Yes, that is helpful. Thanks. There are other times where one needs to duplicate pages which don’t fall under that case.
  3. What I think you are missing here is a page that has something in it like a text box to which I will flow text from a page to page. In this case, the master page won’t help since the text box is on the page itself and not the master page because putting a text box on a master page is inactive on the actual page. Am I missing something here? If I want to add 50 pages with a certain set up, duplicating pages is a pain when you have to do it one at a time.
  4. The popup menu for pages has a “Duplicate” menu item. This menu item is inefficient for adding a lot of duplicate pages. The suggestion here is to add a new menu item called “Duplicate Pages...” that functions in a similar manner as the “Add Pages...” menu item.
  5. Another way to implement this feature request is to use the “Layers” pane as the model. You can then add section attributes to the to the group as one would add “Layer Effects” in the layer pane.
  6. Page folders would be a generic container for the end user to organize the document as they see fit and allow them to quickly rearrange the document. Section folders would have attributes associated with them that would affect their content. A user could embed page folders within a section folder and the other way around. This would provide the maximum flexibility and usability. So the two folder types serve different purposes. Scrivener has a similar concept and it works pretty good. What Scrivener lacks is advanced layout capabilities and Affinity Publisher lacks flexible document organization. I guess what I am looking for is the child of Affinity Publisher and Scrivener.
  7. I would like to see the "Pages" view on the left hand side enhanced into a hierarchical structure to support sections and page grouping. The purpose of this request is to increase usability and scalability. With a 200 page book, being able to logically group pages together would enhance navigation and moving things around as a group. Specifically, I would have two types of folders including section and page folders. Section folders would control the section settings for everything contained in the folder. Page folders would be for users to pull relavent pages together like a chapter in a book. The user can create a section folder and access the section settings by double clinking on the folder. Section folders would eliminate the need for the "Start on page" field in the section dialog. Section and page folders could be nested within each other allowing for enhanced layouts. The current implementation of sections obfuscates what pages are affected by each section. Applying a visual representation to sections clarifies the scope of sections and this makes it easier for users to navigate and manipulate their document.