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  1. I'm wondering if your referring to a bug. I've found that "cmd" & "-" always seems to zoom out. "cmd" & "+" seems to zoom in just fine but sometimes it gets broken. You can either restart affinity and it seems to reset it, or you can use "cmd" & "shift" & "+" to zoom in while, "cmd" & "-" is used to zoom out. I hope that helps if that's what you're experiencing. I should post this on the bugs section of the forum though.
  2. When adding noise from the top color selection tool to a shape the color changes on the screen- Pic 1 & 2. But when I added noise onto that same shape & color from the right panel it did fine. (not sure what to call the different panel selections)
  3. Is there a quick key to use? Is there something I can press while drawing a shape so that it would not follow the curve of the previous point but just make a straight line? (like pressing alt in sketch)
  4. I think that would be describes as "text on path" and is on the list of things they aim to incorporate in the future
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