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  1. In AP for windows then you export image (File -Export) the default pop-up window "Export settings" lets you make some fine tuning and then you press [ Export...] button and "Save as..." dialogue with the last used directory opens. Some times you need to save alternative copy of the image at the same location as original. Some times within dedicated export folder. So it could be a pain to jump through all the places. It would be nice to 1) have this special dedicated catalog in preferences (or even better in presets) 2) let user choose with special switch were to store file : last used folder save with original (editable file name with auto rename rule and no influence on the last used folder) save within dedicated export folder Or at least it could be just one more button next to [ Export...] which will sounds something like [Save with original]
  2. So, I did some feather investigations. I converted the RAW file with ARC to DNG, opened it in PS C2 and did some edits like I did in AP, including 3 snapshots, masks, 3 copy of background layer. And now my 8 bit PSD is 96Mb and 16 bit PSD is 140. That's it.
  3. This is my story. I have recently begin to test AP. So, my initial file was OLYMPUS ORF RAW size 16.8 Mb. I made few corrections with using masks, filters etc. Saved the file and got 588 Mb. Ohhhh! I went back, deleted all the layers but the single one, saved again. Still 588 Mb. Ok, I am opening again, clicking the layer and choosing [Rasterize...] from drop down menu and.... Oh! Now it is 656 Mb!!! Just can't believe it! Exported as TIFF 16bit and got quite reasonable 36.1 Mb. This is not good. Not good at all: [File open] - [Document flatten] - [Save] ...- ... 724 Mb!!!! I am a bit in panic! If I continue to do ANYTHING with the file it will grow like hell! But wait! I have got 2 snapshots (one made by the system and one by me) in the file! Maybe?!.. Oh, this is not a simple task - you have to go [View] - [Studio] -[Snapshots] and from there you can delete. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Now it is "only" 68Mb. Flat file with only one raster image inside. IMHO this is mad - such a nice product with such a crazy "file size" feature. Le monde n'est pas juste...