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  1. It's unfortunate to see that you continue to treat bugs as feature requests, without showing any interest to understanding the user problems. Every time I use the app I see bugs left and right and I just cannot enjoy it because I always have in the back of my mind that nobody cares about fixing them.
  2. As seen in the attached video, when a popover is open and I tap on the canvas in order to close it, first the big shadow is cleared and on a following frame the popover is actually hidden. This results in a barely noticeable but disturbing flashing effect. RPReplay_Final1556315069.MP4
  3. Currently it's possible to resize the canvas by adjusting its width and height numbers in the document settings. It would be far more useful if changing these numbers would add a gray overlay that acts like a preview of the new canvas size, so that when confirming the new size I know what I will get. Currently one has to try and undo if the new size is not the desired one. It would also be useful if this overlay could be dragged so that one can define how much of each border is trimmed.
  4. Thanks. Although I would call this a bug, since the bounding box should always contain its content.
  5. There are a couple of issues when adding text, as captured by the attached screenshots of the attached video. I also found it strange that the canvas was not centered at the added text. Ohne Titel.mp4
  6. "returning to the correct location". That means it wasn't correct before, so it should be corrected.
  7. I didn't mean that the text should be centered on every typed character. It should just be centered at the beginning, like you said, but currently it's not, it's just made visible. Usually one wants to see the surroundings of the text while creating it in order to make sure that it is positioned correctly. Do you agree that the bounding box hardly follows the text?
  8. I will appeal to the "it does not work correctly" part. Generally, I would rather call a bug something that does not work as expected (also see Wikipedia). By your definition, if the toolbar rearranged all its buttons randomly every time you clicked one of them, that would not be a bug, but I think most people would agree it is. A shadow that disappears 1 frame earlier that its object might sound like a tiny thing, but for those who are sensitive to these kind of things it is distracting. Now let's assume we have the reversed situation, i.e. the shadow stayed on screen 1 frame longer than its object. You probably wouldn't call this a bug either. But then, if the shadow stayed visible for a whole minute after the object disappeared, you probably should, because the user couldn't tell if the shadow is on the canvas or not. Since I think we can agree that we cannot define the number of frames until which the shadow not disappearing is considered a bug or not, the original case should also be considered a bug.
  9. As seen in the video, when the outer shadow option is activated but due to the settings no shadow is drawn, still some kind of outline appears briefly and then disappears again. RPReplay_Final1555759213.MP4
  10. Do you mean that regardless of the actual processing power, it is assumed that the tablet is slower than the desktop computer?
  11. From the video it doesn't really look centered for me. Is this really centered for you? Should I provide another video with Show Touches on in order for you to investigate the other issues, or is this just a suggestion for the next video?
  12. In my opinion it's a not a good design if it makes things flash without reason. That's just wasted processing power.
  13. I call this a bug, since I've never seen a shadow that disappears before its object does (without the light source changing). Just curious, what is your definition of bug?
  14. I just thought that redrawing something that is not there before and after the redrawing is unnecessary, and it confused me because I had the impression that some shadow was applied despite the settings. Besides, this screen redrawing issue is not present on the Desktop version.
  15. Notice how in the right sidebar the label "Ausric..." has barely space for six letters of what might be a much longer word (perhaps "Ausrichtung"), and the bottom labels are cropped even if they have more free space.
  16. Yes, I undo by using a two finger tap.
  17. In the attached video you see that the pen tool and the vector brush tool allow setting a custom width with pressure points, but the brush tool doesn't. When moving around pressure points they are reset to their starting positions, and when the shape is deselected and selected again, the pressure points have the positions chosen before being reset, so all in all a very strange behavior. IMG_0028.TRIM.MOV
  18. Any update on this? I still cannot apply pressure points to the brush tool.
  19. I keep making the mistake of wanting to use a custom brush when the pen tool is selected. I think that switching from the pen tool to the vector brush tool automatically when selecting a custom brush would make things easier. Why would someone want to select a custom brush and then keep drawing with the pen tool?
  20. I kept wondering why when using the pen tool the currently selected brush was not applied. Only after finishing a stroke I could tap on the selected brush and then it was applied. As I was explained in the email support, this is how the pen tool is supposed to work, but if you use the app without knowing this you might think that this is a bug. I suggest that the blue selection should be greyed out when using the pen tool and only turn blue again when the user taps on it.
  21. When no fill color is selected (the white circle with the blue line), the color picker and opacity slider look the same as when a regular color is selected. This is confusing. In the Mac version, at least the opacity slider is disabled when no fill color is selected. In the email support I was told that this is a design choice, but I suggest to adopt the same behavior as on the Mac version.
  22. Isn't it confusing that the iPad and Mac versions behave differently?
  23. When selecting a different brush stroke type (at the top in the right sidebar), the new icon flashes briefly, which is distracting. IMG_0014.TRIM.MOV

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