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    Menu for combining layers doesn't work

    But then these menu items should be disabled, since they are not applicable. But then, someone could wonder why they are disabled; couldn't the default behaviour of these items be the same as using the 'Add' command you said?
  2. Thanks, I didn't know there is a setting in the app itself. "Fast is generally perceived as good" in my opinion is not a good argument here: why is there an animation at all for sliding the Swatches panel in if faster is better? If there was no animation at all it would be less confusing, because then the panel would appear all at once, but currently there is an animation followed by an abrupt frame change which you would not expect, in fact the first time I experienced this I wondered what had happened. What I would expect is that the height of the sidebar is animated at the same time as the new panel slides in (in which case the overall animation would still have the same duration), or after the panel has slidden in (in which case the overall animation would be a little longer, as you pointed out).
  3. Where do I find the option "Show Touches"? The only solution I found on Google is "Assistive Touch" under the Accessibility settings. What you can see in the video: after tapping the bottom button in the right sidebar, a panel with many coloured circles slides in and abruptly expands at the end, then after tapping the button at the top of the right sidebar the panel slides out again and the containing panel shrinks abruptly. I'm not sure how showing the touches can make the abrupt size change of the sidebar clearer.
  4. Even if the tip of the Pencil is nearer to the control point, the handle is dragged instead. IMG_0471.MOV
  5. Combining a layer with the following layer in the list doesn't work, neither does combining the selected layers. IMG_0472.MOV
  6. A stroke control point can be either sharp, smooth or smart. Yet, the context bar does not reflect the type of the selected control point by highlighting it for example in blue, so if one is not sure about the type one has to tap it in the context bar and check that nothing changes as a confirmation that this is the current type.
  7. At some point, I had a hard time figuring out why all the strokes drawn with the pen had no width. The context bar and the small icon in the sidebar kept displaying a width of 35.9pt. Then I figured out that all the pressure points were down to 0, so these two width displays are misleading. I think it would be helpful if, when custom pressure points are set, these displays would show the average width with an accompanying average symbol or at least an indicator that it is not the actual width.
  8. In the attached video you see that the pen tool and the vector brush tool allow setting a custom width with pressure points, but the brush tool doesn't. When moving around pressure points they are reset to their starting positions, and when the shape is deselected and selected again, the pressure points have the positions chosen before being reset, so all in all a very strange behavior. IMG_0028.TRIM.MOV
  9. When a stroke has a custom width controlled by pressure points, the dashed type has no effect. If this is intended, then it should not be possible to select the dashed type in this circumstance or a warning should be displayed, otherwise one keeps wondering why nothing changes. IMG_0025.TRIM.MOV
  10. When no fill color is selected (the white circle with the blue line), the color picker and opacity slider look the same as when a regular color is selected. This is confusing. In the Mac version, at least the opacity slider is disabled when no fill color is selected. In the email support I was told that this is a design choice, but I suggest to adopt the same behavior as on the Mac version.
  11. Please observe in the attached video how the panel for selecting a custom color in the sidebar smoothly slides in and out, but its size is abruptly changed at the end of the animation, which is distracting. IMG_0016.TRIM.MOV
  12. When selecting a different brush stroke type (at the top in the right sidebar), the new icon flashes briefly, which is distracting. IMG_0014.TRIM.MOV
  13. I kept wondering why when using the pen tool the currently selected brush was not applied. Only after finishing a stroke I could tap on the selected brush and then it was applied. As I was explained in the email support, this is how the pen tool is supposed to work, but if you use the app without knowing this you might think that this is a bug. I suggest that the blue selection should be greyed out when using the pen tool and only turn blue again when the user taps on it.