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    Unable to make any edit but able to create layers

    Thank you for your response. It was pixel layer only. Heard there are such instances before on specific files. I created new project. Thank you!
  2. I was working in Affinity photo for iPad. In one image, I created layers and did some basic tonal changes. Ran a macro that came with Windows version. Now I am able to create layers but when ever I do any pixel edits like paint or clone or any tonal changes, nothing happens. I am able ot see value gets changed in tool. But does not appear in image. Ex. I am increasing Temperature. But image remains same. Did I click any lock or something. But new projects work fine. Only this specific file shows this behavior. Thanks in advance.
  3. The courses have been created and list was last updated on 2015. But we got 1.6 release in 2018 this year March. So I am sure, there are things to add. Since version 1.7 beta is out with loaded features, I wish these tutorials are revisited to cover new features. Was as regular ps user for one year. Moved to affinity few days back, due to the greed based monopoly subscription model of ps. It is just bad for the art to let just one tool a strong dependency. Had been searching for alternatives. Bought 1.6 version of Affinity photo. Initially slightly disappointed that it could not replace ps for what I was doing for last one year. Just after that day of purchase I came to know beta 1.7 is out. When I use 1.7, it could do everything for my work. It gives same feeling as I was using ps. I am confident that there won’t be such bad dependency in the art of photography anymore. Cheers Affinity!