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  1. thanks for this info and your quick response! I wasn't´t aware of this downside of adjustment layers. I tried your advice with using blend modes. unfortunately the results are very unspecifiec regarding the exact color shifts... at least in this case it doesn´t work well! I may be wrong, but isn´t there a function in illustrator to edit colors by playing around with the color wheel...? I really can not understand why HSL adjustments turn vector into rater-images? I mean: vector is the form while colors are just the fill - why does editing the fill is leading to changing the form from vector to pixel? If anyone can give more information on that I would really love to understand the technical background!
  2. I have a tried to edit a logo via adjustment layer (HSL) to make some color shifts. (the logo is pretty complex so no chance to select elements and assigning new colors by hand) Unfortunately the file turns into a pixel-based file after exporting it as pdf. I was wondering if this is the way it works? Is there a way to maintain the vector-file? Alternatively: is there a way to make global color shifts besides using the adjustment layer?