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  1. 10 minutes ago, cormaction said:

    I think it’s been covered but here’s a video from my end anyway. I’m more so talking about the lag/delay rather than the accuracy in my case but seems to stem from similar issue. Just to reiterate the problem I’m having. When I click On a node, hold and drag there is a lag/delay before it enventually snaps to where my cursor is. However if I just tap and drag really quickly it moves right away. I have no idea why there is a lag one way and not the other but it’s driving me up the wall! 

    Also, in the vid you can see certain instances when a magnified view of my Selection appears but it appears to be just a still from when I made the click...it doesn’t move or update as I drag so it actually gets in the way of what I’m trying to see. Maybe I’m missing something but is this a bug? If it’s a magnifier, shouldn’t you see the movement update inside the magnification bubble too? Currently the static image doesnt actually help and it gets in the way?


    I'd say thats part of the same problem. In both cases the app isn't storing the initial position of the gesture and is only using the position at the point it recognises the gesture. At least that's how it appears.

  2. Thanks for making those videos. Echoes my experience - slightly off with Affinity Designer and accurate with Vectornator (and other vector tools). I disagree thats its not a big deal though. It really gets in the way of tracing things and can get even worse when theres more going on and zoomed in. It's really curbed my initial enthusiam for this tool and I've held off buying their other apps as a result.

  3. 7 hours ago, cormaction said:

    Hi guys, just want to chime in and say I’m having this issue on a brand new 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 inch too, very frustrating to work with. Just got the app today. Is there any updates on this problem? Completely ruins the flow and fun and is putting me off using the app. Awesome and very impressive app otherwise.


    As far as I'm aware there's been no acknowledgement or progress on this issue. I'm still quietly hoping they get on top of this because it's the single reason I stopped using the app. But it's been ongoing for several months. Fingers crossed.

    Maybe if you shared some screenshots highlighting the issue? I attempted to show the issue in the above image but I'm not sure how clear I was.

  4. Here is an image showing the issue. All of the nodes should be roughly on the line, but they end up being placed slightly offset in the direction of dragging. The issue occurs with both the pen and using a finger. When using a finger it's harder to see the problem because the inaccuracy is hidden underneath the finger, but hopefully this quick test shows the issue is not specific to the Apple Pencil. It does appear that Affinity Designer ignores where the gesture started and instead uses the position of the pen/finger at the time it realises a drag is occurring. This bug can get even worse with other factors like zoom level. Hope its squashed soon because I've had to resort to another vector app for now. It's too frustrating as it stands.


  5. Also, the speed of the device, the size of the document, features used, options enabled, zoom level, device free memory etc all contribute to how significant this imprecision is. i.e. The node offset might be smaller and less noticable on a faster device where it can compute the intended gesture quicker. But as mentioned 1) I don't have this issue with the Pen tool in two other apps on the same device, 2) All of this goes away if the app simply remembers the initial position of the gesture.

  6. 5 hours ago, DM1 said:

    Unfortunately emphasis appears to be on use of fingers rather than pencil. :( A happy balance is yet to be found. I would prefer a switch in settings to select pencil input in place of finger input for using all tools.

    I don't think this issue is specific to the Apple Pencil. It's just that using touch hides this imprecision underneath your finger.

    You can test this as follows. Draw a straight line to act as a reference then deselect it before continuing. Select the Pen tool. Now with your finger create a node roughly on the line then drag to one side of the line to create the node's handles, then place another node further down the line but this time drag to the opposite side of the line. Continue alternating like this to create a nice smooth sine wave following the length of the line. All of the nodes should rest on the line, but observe that they're all actually offset slightly in the direction you dragged. 

    This suggests to me that the issue is not Apple Pencil specific and more the core implementation. The point at which the gesture begins is not being remembered. It's taking the point at the time it thinks it knows what you intend to do - this is too late in the gesture. This is the crux.

  7. Has there been any movement on this bug with the Pen tool? It's still significant with the current version of Affinity Designer for iPad as of December 2018. I'm also not confinced this is an Apple Pencil issue - using a finger just hides that there is a delay before a node is created.

    It's not even a subtle issue.

    This bug makes Affinity Designer on iPad tough to use. Having to return to nodes afterwards to reposition them all is tedious.

    I've just tried the Pen tool in other apps on the same device (iPad Pro 9.7) and they work fine. No issues at all with Graphic and Vectornator. 

    Reading a review of AD for iPad the reviewer had this issue too, so it's disconcerting that a crucial bug like this has been outstanding for so long. Creating curves with the Pen tool should be this tools bread and butter! Really hoping Serif can get on top of this because it spoils what is otherwise a great app.

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