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  1. If there is anyone onsite now or tonight tomorrow...I plead stupidity or denseness but I cannot get my Affinity Photo to see any plug-ins. I unfortunately reinstalled Photoshop just to see if my app could see the plug-ins. It sees nothing. Photoshop sees every last one of them! I navigated Affinity to the Photoshop Plugins folder to no avail. I used FindAnyFile to search my SSD to find some place else t hat the plugins might reside. Nothing. I am running a 2017 5K Retina iMac with Mojave 10.14.5. and Photoshop 19.1.8. I want to get Photoshop off my drive but I need my plugins.
  2. GreatSouthernBear

    Affinity Publisher Public Beta -

    This app is now getting to be REALLY EXCITING!!!! I knew dumping Quark was going to be the right thing to do! I am going to pop a Guinness and enjoy my new found treasure!
  3. GreatSouthernBear

    Photoshop plugins support? Maybe? Maybe not?

    Frankly, most for the plugins that I have do not work at all. This is not the end of all things, but if this app is going to be a significant competitor to Adobe or Corel etc. this area will need to improve considerably. Many of us who will switch over to Photo have a large investment in both time and money in these plugins…I know I do. I am not concerned however, I have total confidence that there will be an enormous improvement in this area as time goes by. That is why I abandoned Adobe…hope springs eternal.
  4. GreatSouthernBear

    Photoshop plugins support? Maybe? Maybe not?

    I tried the new ParticleShop with the newest betas for Photo and ParticleShop bombed, then our beta bombed. I was unsure which app was crashing which. In fact I tried several plugins on the ok list and they refused to function or only partially functioned in the current betas. As far as Unknown Plugins is concerned…how will we ever get to know hat will work or not if we don't try?
  5. Thanks for the tip on the Search Box! As far as the list of plugins goes it is good, a bit depressing, but it is a few betas behind.
  6. Bomb, bomb, bomb, virtually every plugin I try causes a crash. If there is not going to be an accurate way to determine if a plugin is going to function safely or not…why not create a piece of code that will block the install or accessibility to a plugin or group of plugins to keep the app from bombing, causing a loss of work, corruption of directories etc? If there is no way to have an educated way of determining the viability of a plugin, don't allow unknown plugins to be installed or recognized period. For Affinity.zip
  7. One of my major interests in this app was the hope to get away from Adobe but to continue to use the plugins that I have spent a small fortune on. So far I have found that the only way to discover if a plugin will work is to try it and find that either this app crashes or the plugin that comes from other app causes a crash in both. This is really frustrating. If the plugins are not going toward or are incompatible or Serif has decided not to support it why not block the installation rather than allowing you to run anything and see if it is going to crash the app and ruin your work? I am enclosing a bunch of Crash Reports and a System study…hopefully I will be able to figure out wether my Affinity Photo 1.6.7 is the source of the crash directly or is it the plugin that is the guilty party and if there is any kind of a fix to be had. This is an issue that runs through the released versions and the beta versions. For Affinity.zip
  8. As far as buying a set goes most of the volumes I work with there may be sets available but some people do not want them. Why, I have no firm idea. Usually I scan originals, I have many, and then convert them to an exact reproduction, line for one, letter for later, space for space. The idea is to provide a book that is in effect the original in every way except for the type. Running it through a text editor of any sort is doomed to failure becAuse you will need to spend the rets of your life trying to match the skills and effort of the 16th century printer. I have been accused of being a bibliophile, I suppose I am, but my goal is to continue to provide this service for my fellow scholars if I can. From what I see this app will be fully capable of the task and will allow me to add intro, Tables of Contents , indexes and links to connect them all to provide a 16th century book with a time machine built into it. Thanks to all for you suggestions and interest. I will advise how the project goes in relation to this beta! Sleep well all you dedicated testers!
  9. I really I am trying to maintain a certain faithfulness to the look of the original, updating its fonts etc. that is what I have been asked to do by this group of scholars. I have done it countless times in Quark. The OCR did do a good job, I used Acrobat Pro DC to make many of the potential changes, to at least make the document more easily read and accessible. Most of the guys I am doing this for old and worn out dudes like me. On a very small scale I am trying to emulate the work done by Cambridge University when the reproduced an exact copy of the King James Bible 1611 with but one change…the updating of the fonts from Black Type to a modern conventional font. That effort is an exact reproduction of the original…utterly faithful to the original.
  10. The site said that it had uploaded the file! I will try again now. Will it work…who knows? Can anyone tell me why I am not getting notifications when someone replies to my nonsense?I have the settings correct…really, really irritating. I am looking at the screen now…it says the upload is done. Richard_Sibbes_Complete_Works_copy.pdf Untitled.afpub
  11. Here is a PDF document that I am currently working on. See the screenshot that I posted earlier today to see what my app says that the designated fonts are. FontExplorer Pro evaluated the document and listed the same fonts being present. This may seem to be a strange job to do but I have been editing and reproducing old books like this for almost 40 years. I have a bunch of scholarly friends around the world that I help out with books like these. Frequently, if I have an original at my house I will scan it and then work with the production.
  12. Before I whine I want to say that this app is getting to be more spectacular day by day! It is an amazing baby and I cannot wait for the adult! Cheers to developers, staff, and users!!! Now, for my pitiful complaint. I work on16th through 18th century British and Continental books to convert them to easily readable and editable documents for other scholars. One of the key issues is to replace old fonts with current more modern fonts that are easily read and reproduced. Publisher is excellent in recognizing what the fonts are in the Old Original book. The current book I am working on has a combo of Veranda, Courier, Times, and a few others. It correctly discerns the style too. However, though it recognizes the fonts, it states that they are missing and need to be substituted with alternatives. Actually the fonts are available on my Mac, but Publisher may see 20 variations of the same style ie. 20 variations of Regular, or Italic, Bold etc. This creates a replacement table that has taken me hours to work through. If the 15 variations of Arial Regular are substituted by Arial from the Font Menu it works perfectly. To accomplish this you have to change each and every instance in the replacement table one at a time. If not difficult enough the Font Substitution Table is very small, and it trolls through the available fonts so quickly that it takes a lot of time jogging up and down through it to land on the correct font. In QuarkExpress when a font is missing it sees all of the 15 variations as replaceable by the modern font and is able to distinguish between the styles so that you could pick Arial for instance, and it would adjust to the style ie. Bold, Italic etc. The menu is large enough to be easily worked with and the menu operates at a speed where old dudes like me don't have a heart attack watching the fonts fly by. Oh Great Developers can you fix this to help me not go insane with this process? Just realized that a couple of pictures of the Font Substitution window would help: AS can be seen Publisher correctly sees the fonts but sees many variations of then same. All of these shown are regular and were easily substituted for but had to be done one at a time. Have a great weekend one and all!!!
  13. GreatSouthernBear

    Affinity Publisher Public Beta -

    Thanks for the notification! My app said it was up to date…but it wasn't!
  14. I have been using the new beta now for about 2 hours and it has crashed twice when I was altering the size, style, and placement of the title on the Title Page. 32GIGs free. Only 7% of CPU occupied. Running Mojave 10.14.3.
  15. GreatSouthernBear

    Current Publisher does not properly recognize Adobe Fonts.

    According to FontExplorerX, FontBook,FontDoctor and others my fonts and their names are fine. As I said earlier, Quark, InDesign, PageMaker all say that the fonts are sound and named correctly, they have zero problem recognizing them as named. One other point I have used FontExplorerX to check the fonts in the various PDFs and it says the fonts are correctly named and has no problem recognizing them. Inasmuch as I own these fonts and not from the Cloud, nor leased etc, if contacted, I would be willing to share a couple of samples if someone is able to verify them and try them in Affinity to see if they get the same result.