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  1. I have been using the new beta now for about 2 hours and it has crashed twice when I was altering the size, style, and placement of the title on the Title Page. 32GIGs free. Only 7% of CPU occupied. Running Mojave 10.14.3.
  2. According to FontExplorerX, FontBook,FontDoctor and others my fonts and their names are fine. As I said earlier, Quark, InDesign, PageMaker all say that the fonts are sound and named correctly, they have zero problem recognizing them as named. One other point I have used FontExplorerX to check the fonts in the various PDFs and it says the fonts are correctly named and has no problem recognizing them. Inasmuch as I own these fonts and not from the Cloud, nor leased etc, if contacted, I would be willing to share a couple of samples if someone is able to verify them and try them in Affinity to see if they get the same result.
  3. Thanks! You could well be right. I have had this collection of Adobe fonts for some years now. I am going to see about updating them to see if that solves the issue. I think that my set of Pro fonts may be about 10 years old. They work beautifully…I hope that I do not have to update them because the cost would be prohibitive.
  4. I must say that I am unsure what embedding fonts has to do with the apps ability to make a correct substitution of a font. As can be seen from the screenshots the fonts are present and when the app is shown them it was fully able to use them. When I made the substitutions the PDF used them and all of my other PDF reading apps had no questions and correctly ID'd the fonts correctly. Publisher is the only PDF app I own that makes this error. Acrobat DC Pro recognized them, QuarkXpress recognized them. As did PDF Expert, Cisdem Reader etc. It does not seem to me to be an issue of spacing as Adobe surely has named its fonts correctly. If I am not understanding the matter correctly, I am open to being taught…seriously, old I am, but my mind is still occasionally pliable.
  5. The screenshots are pretty clear. Notice that Publisher sees AdobeCaslonProBold as missing and makes a gustation. In the second screenshot, I make a substitution for Publisher's substitution by manually choosing the correct font in each of its faces that Publisher says are not there. I am currently running a 2017 5K Retina iMac and Mojave 10.13.
  6. Current beta does not recognize Adobe fonts and substitutes them with fonts that are not appropriate to the users choice. See screenshots. When the problem is recognized the problem can be corrected manually…see second screenshot.
  7. Again…so sorry. Still the remarks were generated in response to someone else's question, I think and got out into the main discussion? Anyway it was of help to some people. I will try to not make this error again. I should have created a new topic.
  8. So sorry…no more posts from me on the topic.
  9. The new Quark is pretty amazing. But, even though you own it after you buy it…support is very expensive…making ID a more viable consideration. I do think form what I see here Publisher may well become a significant alternative. I working with Publisher because I believe in its developers and for a very new project it is really very good!
  10. I have pretty good success with this app. It sure is a viable alternative to many other suggestions. Like I said it is really inexpensive, well supported, often updated. It is really worth a try. I have connected 2200 page PDFs to Word etc with close to perfect.
  11. There is one way to create eBooks from the PDFs that Publisher creates. There is a very inexpensive, and I mean inexpensive app called EPUB Converter it will convert almost any kind of eBook into almost any format you could ask for. I have it on my Mac and I regard it as an essential tool. It is fast and can batch convert. Low RAM and CPU load…and cheap!!! A good tool to have while Publisher continues to grow.
  12. Boy am I glad the Links are being worked on now! Took a chance and ditched and my QuarkXpress and Acrobat Pro DC to work with this wonderful new software. Inasmuch as I am nearly 70 and big time retired I do not have a business to worry about. Still, I do work on reproducing16th-18th century English texts with links to sources etc for fellow scholars. They DO want the links.
  13. I was finally able to fix the problem by creating a new folder in another part of my drive and then moving to plug-ins into it. Unfortunately the plug-ins that I moved made by Topaz would not run. My app said that there were problems with them ie. the image was too large. The problem occurred with other apps to not just this one so I deleted the whole Topaz package. There was one MAJOR disappointment…none of my Akvis plug-ins were useable. They were grayed out in the menu. Apparently they are in a format the app did recognize or was unable to use. They did work in Photoshop with no problem. I have included the two plug-ins in question. akvis-artwork-plugin.dmg akvis-sketch-plugin.dmg
  14. The new beta refuses to see any Photoshop plug-ins. Demands Global Authorization frequently but will not accept authorization when given. Will not accept the Plug-ins from the Default Photoshop Plug-ins folder or in Affinity Photo beta default plug-in folder. No problems with released version of Affinity Photo. iMac 2017 5K Retina…Mojave 10.14.2…48GIGs of RAM. 500GIG SSD.