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  1. @pentaxian I agreed with you. It seems that other similer apps automatically disable/remove the scrollbars whenever the canvas is in full view. Maybe, it would be nice to have an option to turn this feature on or off. But I'm still waiting for that magic button to appear. Maybe another extra cherry on top.
  2. so will we see any future update to incorporate one little magic button to help all those Magic Mouse's users out there? With a cherry on top :)
  3. Hi ronnyb, thanks for your quick response. I've selected one of those 9 positions (except for the middle one) in the transform panel, but when I rotate the shape it still rotates about the center - does not seem to work. Any idea why? Thanks :)
  4. Hi Is there a way to change to anchor point of a shape before you rotation or scaling it? If it is not possible then it would be good idea to include this feature in the next update - just make life a bit easier :)
  5. thanks :) ...Maybe also an additional 'lock' button somewhere in the toolbar for quick access (not hidden away in the preference for example) that allow you to quickly lock/unlock the canvas too - especially useful when you are zoomed in, working on a small part of the canvas without worrying about accidental panning.
  6. Thanks everybody for your replies. Hi MEB, thanks :) yes, I'm using the Apple's Magic Mouse - the problem is that my fingers are resting on top of the mouse and all it takes is a slight finger movement... I agreed that there are advantages and disadvantage in both situations. But it would be nice if I could have an option that allows panning only when I'm already zoomed into the canvas and the panning would automatically switch off whenever the canvas is in full view - that way i can rest my little fingers on my Magic Mouse without worrying about accidental panning - as I think panning is not necessary when the canvas is in full view and also make life slightly easier for any Magic Mouse user :) For example, I'm use Pixelmator (image editor) that has this feature too. Anyway, I still love using the Affinity Designer no matter what :) Thanks :)
  7. Hi agoago, thanks for your reply. I'm referring to the canvas not the object. You can move the canvas around by just simply touching the top of the mouse - it is especially useful, for example, when you already zoomed into the canvas and you wanted to view another part of the canvas. How do you view other part of the canvas when in zoom? Anyway, it just a bit annoying because sometime I would accidentally touch the top of the mouse, which cause the canvas to move a little bit. My friend had the same complain too. In some packages, when the canvas is in full view, the user is not allow to move the canvas around, but allow to only when he/she zoomed into the canvas - so he/she can view other part of the canvas. In fact, this is feature would be great too for the Affinity Designer. I'm using version 1.2 Thanks
  8. Hi does anyone have any idea how to stop (or disable) the document (canvas) from moving around. It can be a bit annoying when you slightly touch the mouse and it would cause the document to move. This issue also happen when click and hold the mouse to select objects in the document, but when you release it to confirm your selection, the document would sometime jump a little bit. May I request for the next update to allow users to disable the document from moving around? :)
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