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  1. Hi guys, Undo Brush is not working properly for me on windows even when the Undo Limit is set to non-zero (for me it is set to 1024). So, for example I add an Black&White Adjustment Layer then it will show up in the History window like it should. But the Undo Brush won't do anything on the picture. When I go back to the start position in the history (so that the pic is colored again) then the Undo Brush will paint the Black&White back again. In my opinion that is not how it should work or am I completely wrong? Regards Chris
  2. +1 - not everybody is allowed to upload and use online tools - not everybody is allowed to install other tools
  3. Hi guys, I am new here and I am new to work with vector graphics, so please don't blame me for a useless question/request. I worked a lot with 3d cad construction in e.g. SolidWorks and/or Onshape (free online CAD tool). The first thing I really miss a lot in vector design is to define constraints like you do in a CAD sketch. There you usually define constraints like Coincident, Concentric, Parallel, Tangent, Horizontal, Vertical, Perpendicular, Equal, Midpoint, Symmentric and even more between and at lines, circles and pathes. So, my question would be if those things are also
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