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  1. Still learning, and I know what I want to do, but I don't even know how to search for/ask for it. (I'm using Affinity Designer for Mac Desktop) All I want to do is: I have a background layer with some images on it. Let's call it B1 I then pasted a smaller image on top. This image has a face, and then flowing hair (black color) and is surrounded by white border. Let's call it F1. All I want to do is make remove all the white from the foreground image so that it's just the face/hair showing on the background. I know how to add a mask layer to F1, and then use an eraser to wipe as much of the surrounding of the face - but it isn't perfect because it's really hard to clear out the fine spaces between hair etc. Is there a way I can erase by color - so for e.g. can I choose "white" and remove all white color from the foreground image so that it's just the image i want showing up on the background. I don't even know if I explained it right but please help. I think it's a simple ask... but who knows
  2. You are awesome! Thank you so much. There goes many hours of my life
  3. Hi v_kyr, Thank you for responding. How do I fill vector text with bitmaps? Is there a tutorial or an article I can refer to? Please treat me as a completely clueless, untalented beginner - I have a need but need a step or two to get started and explore. Should I look for "how to create text styles" or "how to fill text with bitmaps" or something like that?
  4. I'm very green when it comes to artistic design. I need some guidance/high-level steps/approaches. I can then go off and try to do them. I'm willing to put effort but I don't even know where to start. Right now I'm really clueless. I have Affinity Designer on my mac and I also have Affinity Photo on iPad. I'd prefer to do what I want on Designer. Here's what I want to do: I want to create a metallic/grungy text using one of the existing fonts like Garamond etc. Basically, the text would look like a nice movie poster font or a book cover font. I'm not looking to create a new font - I just want to use any existing font but make the text look awesome. I've purchased some nice high-res metallic and grunge backgrounds. So what I need to know is how do I type text, apply those textures to the text-fill, so the text looks like rusty, metallic. If I could put some cracks on the side that would be even more awesome but let me not get ahead of myself considering I'm struggling to even explain what I want, let alone having the talent to do it. I want the text to be vector so I can scale. Some examples of what I mean https://ltheme.com/words-of-lord-psd-text-effect/ http://freephotoshop.org/2011/01/grunge-layer-styles-fx/ I hope I explained it OK... Thank you!!
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