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  1. Same issue with everyone here - Crashed all the time - I notice that this happen every time I get materials from assets panel and also when dragging materials a bit long
  2. That I did. Thanks! but it would still be nice if this will not happen in the future. Less hassle!
  3. So when I try to save my project with a PDF document placed in my composition this error appear. I figure a solution which is to rasterize the PDF but it would still be nice if you guys come up with a solution for this for I would still like to have a raw PDF document in my composition. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for your input. However, I was doing this in a time format for e.g. 12:00 PM - with PM using superscript before the update of APhoto and no problem doing that before.
  5. Hi Serif, I'm working on a poster that requires me to use typography features but it is not working. see attached file Thanks!
  6. Hi Serif, I copied multiple layer/object from another project file and when I pasted it, it did not fit into my new canvas so basically, I would have to rescale the layers. Selecting all and rescaling will do but if I left a single object that was out of the frame it cannot select at all. I've also tried moving it with arrow keys but still nothing. Please see attached file. Thanks!
  7. Unsplash would be a great Photo Library for Affinity. I hope you guys consider this. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I just bought the APhoto. I do have 1 laptop and a desktop machine, Can I install on both device using the same serial num? I know that the license is for 1:1 ratio but my concern is I go out a lot and I use my Laptop outside and Desktop when at home. hope you get what I mean. Thanks!
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