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  1. Hello Mone and zaad, Yess!! Clicking on the small icon was the solution. This was not said in the video. It saves me a lot of work because I scanned a lot of film material taken on my mid-format camera Mamiya 7ii. A lot of slides has a lot of dust on it. The Affinity tool works like a charm. Thank you both. Kind Regards, henkada
  2. Hi, Thanks, that helps. BUT, If I want to eliminate dust & scratches with the Undo Brush Tool I get the message: You must select a history snapshot before trying to undo. I tried to make aan attachment as an example for you but it gave the message Upload failed, because it is too big? So what must I do? I saw your video below but that tutorial does not work for me because of the problem with the Undo Brush Tool. Must I use a snapshot after all? The video does not show this. Please help.
  3. Hey, When I go to View>Studio, the panel is grey. I am not able to work with snapshots and also to work with the Undo Brush Tool. Please advise. Best Regards, Henkada

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