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  1. Thank you very much for the detailed reply.
  2. Hello, I'm having trouble exporting a design from the Beta version to the stable version. Copying and pasting doesn't work. Making a new file from clipboard doesn't work. Exporting to SVG or EPS resulted in many many issues, such as raster shapes, wrong shapes, etc. Is this a Beta limitation or am I doing something wrong?
  3. TalSh

    BubbleGun AD

    This is great, Mind sharing your process for the bubbles?
  4. Thank you for the welcome. Your reply doesn't address my points. I believe the fact you've replied to this question 'a few' times' only stresses its importance. I also couldn't find any discussions on this issue. Just requests for implementation and vague responses about ever growing time frames. I believe this is a 'feature' that has been requested since 2015. Why is this not yet considered a top priority?
  5. Would it be possible to get an official response on this issue? Serif's vision for a professional grade suite of apps can't be taken seriously if a large part of the population can't use it. Even more infuriating is the fact that even the beta version of Publisher, a desktop PUBLISHING app, doesn't yet support RTL languages. Inkscape, GIMP and photopea and Scribus all have better native RTL support, and are all available for free. How is this even possible? And how has an alternate solution not been presented yet? Even a simple 'flip text' button would do the trick until further support is implemented. The lack of support is surprising enough, but the vague responses are downright insulting, and disastrous from a PR perspective. Saying RTL support isn't considered a top priority is surprising, to say the least. I am aware that we are a minority, but we are also paying customers and I believe we are entitled to more than a generic response.