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  1. Hello Lee D, I have bought Affinity Photo and tried the beta version. I only have one word, ITSFREAKINGDOPEEMAN. There's no longer a space bar issue however I still see the hand icon after the space bar. it doesn't effect the functionality of the tool I'm in and it switches back once I continue using the tool I'm on. But, I still can't move with the lasso tool's "Drag+RightMouse to add" as well as it's refine mode "Drag+RightMouse to add". Hope to see them fixed soon. I'm sure it will. Keep it up Dev Team
  2. Yes that is precisely my intention, to make an artwork with a man entering an animal's mouth. And yes it is weird. A cause for concern? hmmm maybe...
  3. That is so true. It does look like the genre would be a 90s Electronica. I actually had no direction when I was working on this artwork. So I just cropped it however looks pleasing to me. Yeah would try to make a square one if I wish to use it on an actual album.
  4. Greetings fellow Affiniters, ?? I would like to share this work I created while experimenting with Affinity Photo. Despite having certain bugs, I am quite happy with I'm able to do with it. Adding a lot of filters do not bog down the software which makes designing in it fun. Keep it up Dev Team! Also would like to say that the UI guys did a good job at making the UIs understandable and easy to grasp.
  5. Hi thank you for letting me test the beta version for Windows. I unfortunately could not use it because I was using the trial version of Affinity Photo. Wanted to test it out before I actually buy it. Here is the video showing the Right+click drag problem. I basically could not move the cursor doing that with my tablet. Affinity Photo Gaomon Tablet Drag+Right Mouse bug.mp4
  6. Greetings, I would like to report 2 bugs which I have found using my tablet on Affinity Photo The tablet I'm using is a Gaomon WH850. 1. Holding Space Bar + Drag to pan view repeats the action of the tool I'm on quite frequently. I believe it's only Quick Selection and Free Hand Selection Tool. Take a look at the video attached. 2. I can't move my cursor when using the Right+Click+Drag to make foreground in refine mode. Now I'm not sure if it is my tablet that's the issue or just how the general tablet works on Affinity Photo. So far only two tools have this issue. Paint Brush Tool seems to work fine. There is also an ocassional unable to use tool hotkeys which seems to appear at random. But that don't bug me as much as these bugs. Pun intended. Hope to hear a fix soon. Affinity Photo Gaomon Tablet bug.mp4
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