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  1. Sk8champion

    Crash when opening RAW file

    I’m using a D3300. On my iPad...If I transfer an edited Snapseed image to Affinity, I get an error message that the color format is not supported. I’m a newbie so I’m not sure if this would be a camera problem or a problem with my settings on Affinity. This is the error msg. Failed to open file /Private/var/mobile/containers/data/application/ 62B1D3A5-2745-4520-8FFE-58CD1D90A839/Documents/inbox/untitled/Untitled-1.jpg I cannot save the file to photos from Snapseed. It just says cannot save photo Thanks
  2. RAW files (.nef) from Google Photos do not open in develop persona, even though they are labeled RAW on Affinity Photo selection page. Nikon D7500.

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