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  1. Hi Sean, I ended up fixing it by deleting and then recreating those text frames (not thinking to save the corrupted version). Since then it hasn't reappeared, so I'm afraid that I can't provide a screen recording of that particular instance, but if it shows up again I will try to get you something.
  2. I pasted without formatting, so it would assume the style that I had set when I created the text box.
  3. I created an empty text box to fit the margins of the first page and set the style that I wanted. I then copied the text from a Word document and pasted it into the text box. With the first page filled I clicked on the red arrow head and loaded the cursor and with that drew another text box for the next page, continuing to do so until the text was all placed. Then I went back and made the names bold and only after that did I notice the problem. I didn't do any resizing of the text boxes until I noticed the problem, and then just for troubleshooting purposes.
  4. Thanks fed101. I don't recall resizing either box with the incorrect handle, but if I had, wouldn't that have resized all of the text in that box instead of just the first couple of lines?
  5. This problem has shown up a couple of times for me now. Suddenly a few lines of text will become microscopically small and I can't figure out what's wrong or how to fix it. It seems to happen where one text frame flows into another. The first pdf shows the problem. This is also how it looks in Publisher. If I adjust the left text frame to pull those lines onto the first page they then show up there at the correct size, but the following text is enormous, as shown in the second pdf. All of the text is styled identically. Is this happening for anyone else? FrontMatter.pdf FrontMatter2.pdf
  6. I'm laying out a book chapter using two sets of linked text boxes: one for the text and the other for the footnotes. I do it this way not only because automatic footnotes have not yet been fully implemented, but because I feel it gives me the most flexibility in placing the footnotes on the page (this is also how I work in InDesign, BTW). In any case, I've set the rule that offsets the footnotes from the rest of the text by including it as a decoration in my footnote paragraph style. I'm delighted that the option "Combine Identical" hides the rule for all but the first footnote in the text box. This saves me having to turn the rules off where they are not needed (as I have to do in InDesign). But, whether I have "Combine Identical" selected or not, occasionally the rule gets drawn in the wrong direction (see the attached pdfs). It seems to crop up at random times and in random positions. I'd be happy to send the AP files if that would help. Thanks in advance. 1-Carter.pdf 2-Pineda.pdf
  7. I very much appreciated the "control-W" combo for preview mode in the earlier betas. It's similar enough to the "W" shortcut in InDesign, but adding the "control" prevents trying to use the "W" shortcut while in text mode and adding random "W"s into the text somewhere. I would do this all the time in InDesign and was very much looking forward to not having to worry about it in AP. I had already worked "control-W" into my AP-Beta workflow and hope that it gets reinstated. F10 would not work nearly as well for me.

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