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  1. Ok, I removed the numbering frame for the 3rd time, and made a numbering again and now it is ok.
  2. It looks like that: I thougt is some kind of numbering style, but no.
  3. Hello, does any one have an idea how to prepare a pdf file for A6 brochure (2 pages A7) printed on A4? It looks like Affinity Publisher doesn't have this option. The closest I get is to make 2-pages-on-1 pdf as brochure and then print first all odd and then all even pages on the second side, but usually such programmes have an option to put all pages right in just 1 file. Any ideas?
  4. Hi, does any one knows if there is a possibility to delete an vertical line that appears before the page number? I tried to do it, but it wasn't possibile to remove nor to change the colour of it.

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