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  1. Yeah i picked CMYK because it is build with print in mind. I just exported a copy for the facebook profile so that's why i used it. Thx for the explanation, i will keep that in mind next time around.
  2. That was no critic on the program. I knew the problem was me or facebook. =) Thanks for the tip with the color palette, i will change that. It was not set by intention. But may it have to to with the document settings set to cmyk?
  3. Hi, i tried to make an updated facebook and whatsapp logo for a friend. I completely remade it in Designer. No matter how i export it, it looks messy on mobile and little size screens. I tried jpeg and png with different sizes. My export setting were: PNG-24 and 300x300 as well as 600x600 and bigger. Bigger makes it way worse. I followed the guidlines given by facebook support pages. But nothing seems to help. I know text on logos is a bit supoptimal, but that outcome is to bad for my taste. Do i have to change settings on my side and in Designer or does it have something to do with facebook compression? Any help is appreciated. Greetings =) Facebook on Desktop Whatsapp/facebook on mobile logo_source.afdesign
  4. Well i'm a little ashamed. That was really easy in the end. Thx for the fast help, much appreciated. =)
  5. Hi, im trying out Designer at the moment and have an odd problem with text on path. I cannot flip the text entirely on the other side of the path, on letter stays on the wrong side, no matter what im trying with the triangles. Do you have an idea what wents wrong? Gladful for any advice.