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  1. Ihave now tried to install Affinity Pub on three Win 10 64 bit PCs . Win 10 throws up a security error. However ignoring this Affinity fails to install. I see this is an ongoing problem for many people. Is it time to look elswhere for a Publisher program?. The earlier Beta installed without any problem.
  2. Oh! they know about it because I've told them. Their reply was as this is a Beta they will not get involved. They say that is what the forums are for.
  3. and you will not get any help from Serif. This is the response I got ' As Publisher is in beta at the moment we only provide support through our Support Forums. Please make a post about this in the sub forum found below. and I've tried to install on three win 10 64 bit PCs, all failed
  4. I have tried several times this PM with different downloads. Same result "Setup Failed".
  5. I have the same problem. I had some work in the previous beta version that I wanted to update, so all my previous work is now lost. Not a very good start by Serif