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  1. I am hoping the release of Publisher will include importing InDesign files. Since upgrading to a new computer I no longer have access to InDesign to save the files as PDFs.
  2. Designing Woman

    Setting Up New IMac

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have always used Suitcase Fusion or ATM Deluxe to manage fonts. I’m good not having to buy more software if Font Book is sufficient. I’ll just add fonts as needed.
  3. Designing Woman

    Setting Up New IMac

    Thanks that info is helpful. Can anyone who uses a Mac chime in on how they manage fonts using Affinity Designer?
  4. Designing Woman

    Setting Up New IMac

    Thank you. So how are designers using Affinity Designer managing fonts? In the past I’ve had hundreds managed by Suitcase or ATM Deluxe. Is Font Book on a Mac enough with the newer .otf open type format? Another question: can I open Illustrator .ai or .eps in Designer or InDesign files in Publisher? Thanks in advance ... migrating to the latest is a lot to think about!
  5. I am a pro designer getting a new iMac and can’t afford InDesign & Illustrator. Will Affinity Designer, as Illustrator’s replacement run on OS Mojave? (Specs on site go to High Sierra.) I can wait a little while for a solid replacement for InDesign. What is the estimated time frame for the Affinity Publisher release? Do these programs work with font management like Suitcase Fusion? Thank you.