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  1. Hi Lee, Thanks for your help with this and pointing me in the right direction. I think I've almost got it but perhaps my workflow isn't quite right just yet. I've created a symbol for the client name and created 5 other instances of it. When I change the text in one it changes in all of them which is great but I can't seem to change the font in one of them and then change the text afterwards. I click on the text layer, click the sync button so that it's not active, make the font change, click the sync button again and then try to change the text but the changes aren't reflected in the other symbols. Any ideas? Thanks again!
  2. Hi everyone, First post here and I'm not really sure what the correct term for this would be so I'll give it my best shot to explain myself... Is there a way in Designer to link different text together so that if I were to change the content of one layer it would also change in the others? My use case here would be to create a document with 6 different logo mockups, each with a name and a tagline. I'd like to be able to change the name and tagline of one of the mockups and have it change the content of the other 5. Each of the mockups would be using different fonts so all other settings should remain the same, only the content should change. Is this possible? Not a big deal if it isn't but it would be useful. Thanks for your time. Have a great day!