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  1. Ah brilliant, that has indeed solved it. I just upped the width to 1mm and suddenly it became 'interactive' again. Not sure how it got set to 0mm but doesn't seem to interact if it's set to that. Something to keep in mind Thanks for your help.
  2. Here's a page of a bit of text. I've created a new text box on there, as you can see it's vertical. No idea how this happened, I've looked at everything I can think of Sample page.afpub
  3. Hi, it's a part of a magazine I'm working on, do you want the whole thing? Thanks
  4. Hi Apologies if this has been sorted elsewhere, probably very easy to sort out too. No idea what I've managed to do here but how on earth do I get my text back to normal, i.e. horizontal!! Quite bizarre as happens on both machines I'm using Publisher on Any help would be appreciated. Thanks