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  1. um…it’s not by Adobe?
  2. Try: Preferences: General: Keep items on Clipboard on application exit I noticed this preference had been reset when I updated to 1.2. Good luck!
  3. Option-hyphen and option-shift-hyphen don't yield the en and em dashes—where are they? Great program all considered!
  4. When I choose a font from the drop-down, the name highlights as I draw the cursor down the list and when I click, the new name shows up in the Font toolbar, and the character is redrawn appropriately (including in the Navigator, nice) -- for some fonts. For others, the click is ignored (even though the highlight behaves as usual, flashing once) and the screen defaults to Arial. As I have been testing this, I notice that sometimes the font list is set in the named fonts (fonts are displayed), sometimes only some of the names are in their fonts. This does not correspond with which fonts I can successfully choose. In one of my tests everything seemed to work as expected until I invoked the character window. In none of my tests has the information at the bottom of the character window reflected the set-up of my Font Book, a feature I really liked in the last version. I also like how the font menus remain at the font you last chose instead of always resetting to the top. Thanks Dave!
  5. I am not able to access many (most) of my installed fonts. I've been waiting for this update, assuming the issue would be addressed. What am I doing wrong? I'll type a word with either the Art Text tool or the Frame Text tool. I'll select the word, when I type command-t, the character window opens (slowly, and sometimes only after I type command-t a second time), and the "collections/family/style" area at the bottom shows my whole collection of fonts, and reflects my Font Book categories, but doesn't actually work. Choosing fonts from the Font drop-down is equally frustrating--the menu shows all my installed fonts, but won't actually let me choose many of them. I can't figure out the difference between the fonts I can choose and the ones I can't. I can choose any and all in InDesign, so I don't think the fonts are at fault. Very pleased to be working with Affinity Designer, all my old Freehand files are being resurrected, keep up the good work!

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