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  1. susangreen

    Recovery Files

    For Mac users, Time Machine Backup is a good recovery assistant.
  2. Oh, easeUS is not bad.
  3. Oh, you can also extract the zip using "properties".
  4. susangreen

    Recovery Files

    No, no. I also encountered a similar problem on my Mac. Fortunately, I managed to recover the deleted files after losing them.
  5. It is a good practice to save files frequently, and I often do this. Since my computer suddenly blacked out, then I lost the data that took me a lot of time to complete. If you are experiencing the same thing in the future, I would suggest that you immediately use a data recovery tool like any recovery to recover the data. This is how I retrieved the data.
  6. Have you tried using the Explorer to extract the zip? This is the correct procedure: "Windows + E" open File Explorer > find zip file > right click, select "Extract All" > "Browse", select the save location > select "Show extracted files when finished" > Click Extract > Finish.
  7. On Google, you can find iOS file manager like File Manager Pro Review, Documents 6 Review, FileMaster Review, and you can look at the comparative articles to make better choices.
  8. really? Because my friend told me before, he used imazing. I also did not pay attention to the original Apple official has launched such a tool.
  9. 是不是有很多工具可以将 heic 转换为其他格式?如想象。在heic格式不常见的情况下,我认为这是一个好主意。