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  1. Thanks for reply me, i know about drag to layer but i exacly mean what you wrote after. assistant manager solved my problem, thank you VERY MUCH!
  2. Hi, is in AP clipping adjusment option like in photosop is? for example, if i click adjustments and take HSL (photo 1.png) is open adjustment widnow and layer above mu curent layer. in photoshop in widnow HSL is small icon for clipping it to layer. in AP donst see it, must drag this layer and clipping it manually (photo 2.png) is this option in AP aor if not, will you add it in future? its awesome option (3.png)
  3. nswspider

    .psd export deletes layers

    not only solid color...in Photo and Designer is the same. Exported psd dont have editable clipping masks, adjustments, fx etc, only flat layers
  4. 100% CPU ussage solved on beta. i dont get this problem nice 1 week but i have another problem. noone can onep files saved in this beta 1.7 version another thing is that photosop cant see clipping masks, adjustments saved in 1,7beta AP EDIT: i made the same file in Designer 1,6,5. exported as psd. Photoshop see only flat layers. no adjustment, clipping mask to edit
  5. looks that problem is solved in this beta, thanks when will be full new version of AP available?
  6. Not yet but in week i working 13h and when i had some free time i used designer mostly. Tomorrow i will test AP, thanks for reply
  7. for now is ok but is to early to say something. i posted bug in this topic, gradient tool is suks
  8. sure, i will test it, is there any update for cpu usage?
  9. that should be - this is from photoshop. max 10% of CPU and as you see PS are not in list proceses which eat CPU (i worked today in PS 3h constant, max 10% CPU) Please help me with this, i cant use AP longer than 30min-1h. I wrote about my fromblem on few groups but noone cant help, Everybody wrote that i need contact in this forum but problem is that in formum noone can or noone want help me like i said i noticed on this forum that im not alone with this problem
  10. nswspider

    Over using CPU

    i have the same problem with i7 8750h cpu, noone know how to solve it, is your AP works good now or still you have 100% CPU during work?
  11. still the same, 100% cpu usage, how to fix it? in photosop dont have this problems, dont used selection tools when it appear, no march ants only in Affinity i have this problem!!!!
  12. thanks for answer, i using since yesterday all is ok, i do not nothing, its very strange!
  13. yes, problem is also in single document but not each time, its apears random i found on this forum a lot of the same problems, is in software side, not users, single document, more ram doesnt matter here. i bought software and cant use it as i want. if i will buy ferrari and will drive 40km/h it will be fun with ride? no. the same is with affinity on my prvious laptop with 8gh ram and i3 processor was ok with ram usage. AP and AD worked slower but cpu monitor was ok. no on i7 and 32 ram is not good i wrote in all this topic that people asked about patch to software, are you working on it and you know when it ill appear? best regards
  14. ok i will do it after work, in 6 hours, thanks

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