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  1. Erm... Yes. That does it. I could have sworn I tried that before but it spread every page into two whether left or right selected. I wondered what the point of it was. However, I've just reopened the same doc to test, selecting right means the cover and back page sit as one-page. Selecting left means everything sits as two-page spread. As I'd expect. Thanks!
  2. I have a similar issue. When I create a new spread doc I get the first and last pages listed as 'single page' before the pages i nbetween are all shown as 'two-page' spreads. This is fine but when I tick 'Facing' check box after creating a single page document it groups all the pages into two page spreads. I have a doc whereby graphics flow across all the pages and I need to check that they all lineup correctly ahead of print. I'd like the option to view any two pages side by side, with or without the 'centre-page' bleed. At the moment I can't see an easy way to do this.
  3. I have created a doc with a number of text frames in a previous version of the beta. I'm now updated to v1.7.0.162. I have an issue with adjusting the Leading Override whereby the text does not change when the value is changed. It will only jump to between some of the values. I have created a screen video to demonstrate. I have also created a new doc after downloading the latest update and a text frame in this file works perfectly. This is also shown in the video (afpub_bug1) The other problem I am having with text frames is on my existing doc when I drag a frame around the text jumps like it is snapping to certain lines, even with snapping off. Meaning I can never align it to a pixel. In a new doc the text frame moves as expected and can be aligned fine (afpub_bug2). Either I have a setting set somewhere that does this or there is a bug from an earlier version of the beta that's carried itself over into the latest release. When copying the text frames from the old doc to the new one the frames work fine. afpub_bug2.mov afpub_bug1.mov
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