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    Tyree got a reaction from Pauscorpi in "Touch for gestures only" setting broken in current version of Affinity Photo for iPad   
    I'm just checking to see if there are any plans to fix this bug?  I've had no choice but to stop using Affinity Photo for most of my work over this one bug.  :-(
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    Tyree reacted to ShadeDream in Affinity, we need clarification: are you or aren’t you working on a DAM?   
    Still clinging to life with Aperture and was doing my biannual check to see if Affinity had added asset management to Photo yet. Pretty much in a need a lighter version of what @sgbotsford elaborated on above. Have been hoping to give Affinity a shot but it's useless to me without the asset management and meta data end of things. I'm upgrading my camera body soon and unfortunately I think it's going to break Aperture usability for me, so I'm really in need of a replacement. Don't care for Lightroom or Adobe's subscription model (or being tied to another one of their products for anything), so it's looking like I'll have to give Capture One Pro a shot instead.
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    Tyree reacted to Nickfranken in Bug in new photo update, inpainting brush   
    The touch for gestures only is ignored....how annoying.(in the inpainting brush)

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