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  1. @firstdefence thanks for the detailed explanation. it works. just for someone's else visiting this thread, previously my split tone didn't work because the split tone layer is before the black/white layer :> newbie mistake. :>
  2. Hi, newbie in Affiinty photo. I like black and white photo with a slight warmth to it. coming from lightroom, after an image is in black and white, i can use split tone to add warm to my image. I'm wondering is there anyway for affinity photo to achieve similar results? When i add split tone to a black and white image in Affinity Photo, it doesn't seem to add warmth to the image. Thanks in advance.
  3. is there a way to add warm to the black and white? coming from lightroom, i can use split tone to achieve that.. in Affinity Photo split tone doesn't seem to apply to black and white images. Any advise?
  4. Having some issues with adding Frequency Layers, random grey boxes (rendering issues) encountered. How compatible is Affinity Photo with the latest ipad pros? Thanks!

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