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  1. Like many other users, I imagine, I place dozens of images in my documents. In InDesign, there's a keyboard shortcut for 'Place'. In Publisher, Place does not allow placing of images. Can we PLEASE have a keyboard shortcut for this? Or allow deep keyboard customisation so that tools can be turned into keystrokes?
  2. I place many, many images in my documents. In Indesign, there was a keyboard shortcut for this. In Publisher, it's a right pain to have to move the mouse across to the Place Image tool. Anyone worked out a way of invoking this from the keyboard?
  3. I've set up two A4 documents in Publisher 1.8.3 Mac (OS 10.14.6). I've set bleed to 5mm but if I go to the View menu and choose 'Show Bleed' - nothing. I need to see this. I've been using InDesign for 15 years so I know what I'm doing and I send documents to a printer regularly. I'd hoped that Affinity Publisher would replace my aging InDesign installation before I have to jump to Adobe's subscription model but I'm struggling here.
  4. I've got v1.8.3 releases of Photo, Designer and Publisher. If I right-click on an image in Adobe Bridge, and choose 'Open in ... Affinity Photo', the image actually opens in Affinity Publisher. I'm weaning myself away from Photoshop and InDesign so this is annoying!
  5. I find this really irritating. I can unlock a layer and do something simple like adjust curves. If I then try something else, no luck, because the layer has become deselected in the layers panel/tab. Gets me every time ... and it wastes time. I know that you are not Photoshop but I can work faster there as I don't have to check back on the layer. Thanks. Mac OS 10.14.6 (and earlier).
  6. What I really like is that having resolved those conflicts, the shortcuts appear in the menus. Clever.
  7. Sorted (and this is Beta - thank you). And those shortcuts are the same as the other program I use!
  8. 1. That is not listed as a shortcut in the menu and doesn't work here (the Move to Front shortcut ⇧ (shift) + ⌘ (cmd) + ] works, however. The shortcut you suggest shows up in Prefs with a yellow warning and a mouse hover says it's 'Insert Index Mark'. I'll play round with the prefs. Thanks. 2. Thanks - that's good (I'm sure I tried it ...)
  9. 1) How about a keyboard shortcut for 'Move to Back'? 2) Is there an easy way (maybe a modifier key) to select an object hidden behind another object? The only way I can do this is to find it in the Layers panel - that will be difficult with many objects. I may have missed something. Thanks.
  10. Thanks. I can nearly do what I need with a combination of baseline offset and space before/after but your (Old Bruce) idea works. Cheers.
  11. This is something I find very useful in ID (sorry). When setting up paragraph styles, in Affinity Designer we can choose 'Snap to Baseline Grid) - useful up to a point. InDesign has an additional option wheich is 'Snap ... First Line only'. This is really useful if a subhead in a narrow column wraps around due to the length of the text string. It gives more control as the second (wrapped) line can be adjusted within the style to avoid kicking the following line of body text (which I have snapping to the grid) down too far, leaving an unsightly gap. Or am I missing something?
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