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  1. andreimarchenko

    Alignment bug.

    So this thing will not be fixed?
  2. andreimarchenko

    Alignment bug.

    Take to rectangles (for example) and put them together side by side. I guess that screenshot can say it all. What i'm using: - latest trial of Affinity Designer - MacOS 10.14.6 .afdesign file in attach too Best, Andrei. Alignment_Visual_Bug.afdesign
  3. andreimarchenko

    Affinity Designer for MacOS - 1.7.0

    What about a knife tool from roadmap?
  4. andreimarchenko

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta (

    What about all this features from roadmap?
  5. On first screenshot from program you can see this tiny space between trapezoid an rectangle. You may think that i moved not enough closely this figures to each other but i'm not. Checked 5 times or more. So after exported .png i though that everything is fine and it's was just a UI glitch but no. If you will zoom in second attached image you will see that something still wrong. Macbook Pro MD101. OS 10.13.6
  6. andreimarchenko

    Bug or not? Export Menu file types icons.

    Also i think that you need to check interface fonts on non-retina macs displays with Dark mode of UI selected. Words/letters do not looks solid and clear.
  7. andreimarchenko

    Bug or not? Export Menu file types icons.

    UPDATE: Found another blurry part of interface in Navigator at percentage area.
  8. Hi In export Menu of Affinity Designer all icons represented file types are blurry. Why so? Is it bug or what? I'm using Macbook Pro 13" MD101. Any other interface parts are looks fine. Best, Andrew.
  9. andreimarchenko

    Visual bug in media browser

    Hi Folder icon do not aligned in proper way in Select menu.
  10. andreimarchenko

    Keyboard Shortcuts saving do not work.

    - Things about crash or force quit was first on my mind so no, everything fine at this point. - Shortcut has been set for both the Pixel and Draw persona. I set "Apply to all" and also check it in both menus.
  11. Hi Mac OS: 10.13.6 Designer version: latest trial. Issue: - Create new shortcuts for Place Image - Shortcut that chosen Cmd + P - Conflicted shortcut for Print deleted - After some hours (2 or 3) shortcut dropped: Cmd + P works as Print and not as Place Thanks
  12. andreimarchenko

    Split tex

    Thanks for your research, mate! Glad to read this information but this info from 2014 as i can see and still nothing about this Knife Tool Somebody asked the same question about Knife Tool a week ago.
  13. andreimarchenko

    Split tex

    Guys, who knows the simple way like in Ai at this video?
  14. andreimarchenko

    Split tex

    Thanks, mate. But you got me wrong. I mean how i slice this word by this line.
  15. Hi, team. On attached screenshot you can see word "HIERARCHY" with diagonal line on top. Tell me, please, how i can split "HIERARCHY" word by this diagonal line? Best, Andrew.