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  1. OK, this happens when in Justification options, Paragraph options tab, Desired Letter Spacing is set to 0% or less.
  2. I think this is in fact some bug of "Justify All" function.
  3. It is a very simple file with single-word lines, fully justified. It looks like Designer cannot decide if the words should be justified (what I want) or left-aligned. (I've placed some dummy text in it.) logo_dummy.afdesign
  4. It is happening during zooming or moving an object, which is above the text. It's really annoying and shouldn't happen in non-beta version...
  5. Hi everyone, I recently started to use Affinity software, mostly Designer. Before, I used Inkscape for some simple illustrations for Wikipedia. I don't have significant experience in design, but I want to learn.
  6. OK, I investigated further and it is an issue with unsupported object blending option. Now I'm not sure if it is a bug or just unsupported feature. My provisional suggestion (until the problem is properly resolved) is to at least add a warning that the image contains elements unsupported in SVG and the exported file may not look like the original.
  7. Please see the files enclosed. I'm not sure if it is problem with export, because in Inkscape the file looks OK. The original is .afdesign file, which I exported to SVG (artboard area) and then opened in Affinity Designer. Also if I look closer at the exported svg file even in Inkscape, it is something wrong with it, it is one big mess and it is almost useless. SVG export should not look like this... svg_export_try2.svg svg_export_try2.afdesign
  8. This bug concerns selecting layers with shift+click in Layers Panel. I select the object and find it in Layers Panel (Ctrl+K), then try to select more layers with Shift+click. Beginning of the selection will be the last object/layer selected manually (clicked) in the Layers Panel, not the object/layer found by Ctrl+K command. It can be quite annoying when you have many layers in the document. I worked on the file with over 70 thousand objects (unfortunately not divided for layers) and it was sometimes really confusing.
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