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  1. I finally got a chance to go back to this. Thanks for all your help. I was approaching this technique wrong. I started by creating a mask. That is where my mistake was. I went back and started all over. Created a selection like showed in the video and then used the refine tool. I think it turned out pretty good. I changed the sky in this pic of a historical landmark in my hometown. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks guys. I try these out and let you know how it goes. I have no issues using the refine brush on one layer but I'm working with two layers and that's where I'm getting hung up. But, I haven't tried what you guys suggested so let me give it a go.
  3. Yes biltils, I have. I don't get the option to "refine". Wondering what I'm doing wrong. Is it because I'm working with two layers instead of one? Thanks Rui. There's actually a lot of contrast there but maybe I'm having issues because they are on two different layers. ??
  4. Hi. I'm in Photo and I have a photo of a building and trees. I want to replace the sky with my own sky so I have a layer that is a sky and on the building layer, I have a mask where I am "erasing" the background to show my sky. I need some tips for getting within palm branches and other tight spots.
  5. removing background

  6. I have searched everywhere for this topic and I'm beginning to think that I'm doing something wrong because I don't see anyone else having this problem. Please help. I received an .ai file from a client. It had many, many, unorganized layers. I pulled the file into AD and spent quite a while organizing all of the layers. (It's a template based job so this was important.) I have to return the file to my client with changes made. When I export it (I've tried multiple ways), and open the exported file in ai, I have lost all of my organization. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Thank you!
  7. In Adobe, I was able to see my work that was off the "art board". In AD, I can see the selection box showing it's there, but I can't see it. Sometimes I like to work away from project and then move into project. I've looked in preferences and view menu. Thanks. I am so in love with Affinity.
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