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  1. Hi guys, im actually in a bit of a struggle im doing the panther, so far so good but when i reach the colour section it says something about a two headed arrow to the top right of the colour selectors.This will switchthe fill and stroke colours, making the rectangle stroke visible and its stroke invisible and its fill orange. After a i turn the rectangle orange all my background lines dissapear
  2. Guys right now im in the coloring section starting and lines dissapear it says something about dissapearing the strokes but i can figure it out how, im still reading it thru
  3. Hi, guys bear with me because i dont know if Affinity has the feature, it probably should but i dont know how to explain it well (English is not my native Language) There are some colors which have a code for example this: 930077 Where can i place this number to get the color ? Greetings
  4. Hi, i dont know if im asking is snapping or what it is. What im looking for is to be able to center/align objects with another objects in my work ? Sorry for the grammar, English is not my native language Greetings

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