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  1. Thanks for looking at it...very interesting. You were able to open it in Affinity? This is the version I am currently running, which looks to be up-to-date in the App Store ( Also not sure if you saw the image i posted with what i get when i try to open the image...but that is what i get. I wonder if my OS is corrupt??
  2. Hi Callum...wanted to see if you were able to access the image and get it to open on the iPad?
  3. A few years old but still does not seem to be resolved. With all the new changes to iPadOS, are there any plans to simplify this? I have a project and want to open mult images without batch editing them.
  4. Shouldn’t be...10.5” iPad Pro with iPadOS 13.1.2. I am all over updates with software updates (in the cybersecurity field). The only variable that I am seeing out of all this is the camera platform itself...the Mark II. We shall see what the other gentleman finds with my sample file.
  5. Thanks, Paul! I think it might actually have to do with the device I am using itself. I moved my convo over to the iPad section vs desktop and sent one of my images to see if they can open it. The G5X shows supported by Apple but not the G5X Mark II. Appreciate your input! Dave
  6. See if you can get the file this way: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J8kBvSaFOpPy-b-8VDY03O_SgsBYK8pX/view?usp=drivesdk
  7. Thanks, C! Here is a screenshot of what I get when I try to import the photo. Let me see if I can post the file somewhere for you to access...it’s over the size limit.
  8. Still not able to open on mine. Must be because it’s a Mark II???
  9. Hi Nikon guy that bought a Canon Power Shot G5x Mark II. Looking to see if anyone has had success with this cameras raw files on the iPad. Apple has the G5x listed as being supported but not the Mark II. When I try and import a CR3 file into Affinity Photo, it’s states file not supported even though I can se that image in Photos on the device. Thoughts?
  10. Thanks, Walt. iOS does support the G5X in their list but I have the Mark II. Is there that big of a difference between the 5X and 5X Mark II file type? I can open the files from the mark II on my iPad just fine but when I try to open in Affinity, I get the message stating cannon open file type.
  11. I know this is for the desktops but am going to chime in here too for iOS. Not that iPadOS supports RAW images, I would like to see this in iPadOS as soon as possible! I am trying to get away from desktops and laptops and imagine there are many more like me that are trying to edit CR3 files. what is the timeline for this?
  12. Bump on this too...just bought a new Canon and am trying to setup a workflow on just an iPad. It seems that the CR3 file is still not supported. Bought Affinity over Lightroom as Adobe wanted me to also add a subscription to open all features. I read that this was the best alternative. The app has great function but there seems to be a long list of requests to get this file type supported with not a lot of positive response. Is this on the roadmap anytime soon? Thanks
  13. I am going to bump this one too but would like to open it up a bit more. I have a Synology NAS and use their Drive app and would like to export to it. I am trying to just go all iPad and not use a laptop anymore. Having the ability to have more options to save / export to from an iPad would complete my workflow.
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