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  1. Hi Tried to select all (or select a part) of my work by dragging the move tool (arrow) over my drawing but I had very little succes. It doesn't select quite precisely. Sometimes nothing is selected and sometimes the wrong parts are selected. Very hard to select the part or parts I want to be selected.
  2. A line tool like the one in Pages or Indesign or ... would be nice, even very wanted.
  3. Hi Is there any possibility to preview your work in high quality in order to see what the print will look like or to see if the resolution of an inserted photo is good enough? Thanks.
  4. The res is set to 300 dpi. If the image on the screen of the project you’re working on, is a high quality image permanently, this will slow down Publisher, won’t it?
  5. Tnx for your help. I’ve tried the preview mode but as to me, it doens’t show a high res image of your work. In InDesign they give you the possibility of viewing your work (even if it is not yet finished) in high quality or screen quality or ... This is a very useful option.
  6. Oeps, anyone? Can’t find the option. It’s important though I think to be able to view your work in high quality in order to make sure everything is okay or before sending it to the print company.
  7. Hi I don’t seem to find any light mode. The ui of publisher is dark and it would be nice if I could set it to light. If I overlooked this possibility, please excuse me.