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  1. AP Windows 8.1, Wacom Tablet. Could not add a node with AP in Windows 8.1. Fixed. I caused this problem myself by switching on Edit > Preferences > User Interface > Enable Pointer Support and Edit > Preferences > Tools > Use Windows lnk for tablet input One, or both of those caused the problem. I haven't bothered to check which as they don't seem to have any other effect.
  2. Using Afffinity Photo on a PC, I have exactly the same problem as BC3 with the View Tool since upgrading to Affinity Photo Like BC3 I found that the only way out is to reload the document.
  3. Windows 8.1. Upgrading application software can lead to disasters so I first made a copy of the Affinity Photo directory, rebooted my PC, and ran the upgrade from the default download directory. Perfect. My keyboard shortcuts have all reverted to their defaults, but no big deal. Thanks.
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