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  1. Currently working through Designer Regarding symbols and the Symbols Panel, I have a few requests: Let the Symbols Panel show the synchronization status of the objects/attributes within a symbol, along with the ability to re-synch one or more un-synched objects/attributes. The ability to edit/re-define symbols within the palette (via drag-n-drop from the art board, right-click contextual menu, and panel menu). The ability to re-assign a new parent symbol to an existing symbol instance (via drag-n-drop, and right-click contextual menu).
  2. Two somewhat related questions here really. Both have to do with setting up special Masters with more than two pages: 1) For a magazine, how would one go about setting up a four-panel foldout page in Publisher? 2) How would one go about setting up a spread for a magazine cover (front cover, spine, back cover), or a book dust jacket (front inside flap, front cover, spine, back cover, back inside flap) in Publisher?
  3. @Old Bruce Hmm. I guess you're right. Hopefully this is a feature (allowing for multi-panel foldouts or gatefolds) that will be incorporated in the final release.
  4. Working through Designer There is a display problem with the Geometry buttons in the toolbar: The order of the last two (Divide and Combine) has been flopped. The roll-over label for the Combine button reads "Xor".
  5. Mark Oehlschlager

    Display Problems for Geometry Buttons in Toolbar

    Oh. That's a new one for me. Please have this Xor concept explained in the final Help files. Thanks.
  6. Working through Designer For the sake of collaborative workflows, it would be nice if the Affinity products could both import and export ASE color palette swatch files, respecting any named groups within those ASE files.
  7. Working through Designer When building color palettes, it would be nice if swatches could be organized into logical groups. For example, one might want to organize 2-3 different color chords into named groups. Or, one might want to organize swatches into groups named "Primary", "Secondary", and "Accent". Currently, the swatches just live together as one big, undifferentiated group within each palette.
  8. Working through Designer Currently, when choosing to save a new color swatch or chord from the Color panel, the new swatch(s) end up in the last selected palette. But it would be better if in the process of saving a new swatch(s) from the Color panel, one were then prompted to select an existing palette to target, or to create a new palette to target. Saves the user from having to click back and forth between the Color and Swatches panels to target the correct palette for the new swatch(s).
  9. @mac_heibu On further reflection, I understand how one might choose to set up a separate, single-page document with guides to layout a magazine cover, or a book dust jacket with interior flaps, but now how exactly would you set up a two-panel, magazine-page foldout in Publisher? I'm stumped.
  10. Mark Oehlschlager

    Stitched book

    Good question. I'm not familiar with the Windows interface. Perhaps through trial and error (or via Help files), you can discover a way to "print" directly to PDF. Or, even better, perhaps one of our fellow members who uses a Windows machine can point you in the right direction. Best of luck.
  11. Mark Oehlschlager

    Stitched book

    With regard to producing a properly page-imposed PDF from Publisher, here's how I would do it on a Mac. (Hopefully the same print to PDF option is available to you on a Windows machine.): Begin with your original Publisher document composed of facing pages of A4 sheets. Select File > Print In the print dialogue box, make sure that you've selected a sheet size that matches your spread dimensions (In my case an 11x17, in your case an A3). Under Document Layout options, make sure that you set the Model option to either Book or Booklet. If you have this option in the Windows print dialogue box, under the PDF pull-down menu, select "Save as PDF".
  12. Mark Oehlschlager

    Stitched book

    Graham, With regard to the overset text, isn't the solution there to click the eyeball icon at the lower right edge of the frame to hide the overset text, and then to click the red arrow icon at the edge of the frame to then manually re-thread the text through the remaining pasted text frames? Having said that, it is probably wiser to use the print command to produce a properly page-imposed PDF.
  13. Mark Oehlschlager

    Affinity Designer PSD export improvement?

    Yes. I agree. I absolutely love these new Affinity tools (Photo, Designer, Publisher), but importing from and exporting to Adobe file formats will be a key strategic piece for the widespread adoption of these great Affinity tools. They've already proved that they can build first-class professional design tools. They've nailed it with a customer friendly price and licensing agreement. Now, breaking through the barrier to widespread adoption (which is Adobe's dominant position, and the strong network effect of being regarded as an industry standard) is the last key strategic challenge for Affinity to overcome. And this is all about making it easy and painless for designers and their clients to round-trip documents between the Affinity and Adobe apps. I want to abandon my Adobe tools so badly, in order to be free of their onerous subscription licensing agreement, and the Affinity tools appear to be a godsend, but I don't operate in a bubble. My collaborative work flows demand that I be able to exchange editable files back and forth with others outside of my office.
  14. Mark Oehlschlager

    Assymetrical Margins for Facing Pages?

    Seneca, Excellent tutorial video. A simple and elegant solution to the problem. Cheers.
  15. Is it currently possible to set up a facing pages document with asymmetrical page margins associated with a Master-page spread? In InDesign, one can achieve this by selecting the left and right facing master pages individually and then adjusting the page margins. Something like the following:
  16. Working through the Help files for Publisher Found a bug in the History Panel: When dragging the slider in the History Panel backward in time, the app crashes.
  17. Mark Oehlschlager

    Nesting Please

    I've used nested character styles within a paragraph style, but I've never used nested paragraph styles. How do you use "nested paragraph styles", and in what application do you normally use for that? In you example above, it looks like you could achieve what your looking for without the need for nesting anything: simply set up a paragraph style with a large left indent and an equal but opposing first line indent. But certainly, it would be nice if Publisher were to add the ability for multiple nested character styles within a single paragraph style. That way, one could have a paragraph with a bold run-in heading for three words, followed by italic to the end of the first sentence, followed by the base roman for the remainder of the paragraph.
  18. Mark Oehlschlager

    Assymetrical Margins for Facing Pages?

    Thank you to Seneca and Wasp11b. Seneca, your sample document works perfectly. Thank you. Did you make use of the 'Apply Master to "odd/even pages"' command to achieve this?
  19. Working through Publisher When dragging the ruler origin out onto a spread to reposition the origin, the zero point for the X axis is correctly repositioned, but the zero point for the Y axis is not. The zero point for the Y axis ends up being offset from the cursor by the height of the document.
  20. Mark Oehlschlager

    Power Field Related App Crashes

    Chris, Thank you. You're correct. Inserting a cursor into a line of text made all the difference. Otherwise, the app just crashes.
  21. I'm currently working my way through the Publisher Help files. Just discovered a bug. When I double click on a Power Field list item in the Fields panel to insert a Power Field, Publisher crashes.
  22. Mark Oehlschlager

    Dragging Slider in History Panel Causes App Crash

    No. Sorry. It could have been due to a very long history. I was working on a test document all afternoon while reading through the Help files. I could not reproduce the crash with a second test document with a much shorter history.
  23. I'm currently working my way through the Publisher Help files. Just discovered a bug. When I double click on a Power Field list item in the Fields panel to insert a Power Field, Publisher crashes.
  24. Mark Oehlschlager

    Dragging Slider in History Panel Causes App Crash

    It might be related to the size of the history table. I just started a new document, made a few additions and edits, and with just a hand full of history items, I could not reproduce the crash.
  25. Mark Oehlschlager

    Assymetrical Margins for Facing Pages?

    Establishing a grid structure with guides on the Master that can serve both the left and right facing pages is probably the best solution for the time being. I could also try to set up a new document with facing pages and no margins. Then Create a single page Master B with desired margins (narrow left, wide right). Then Attempt to apply the single page Master B to all of the pages in the facing pages document. (EDIT: This idea did not work. Using a grid composed of guides seems to be the best solution.)