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  1. I just know how to fix recovery file and when i got that problem. (/Remote/Affinity/Temp) . And this loop of recovery file coming with crash app -> when u working on some "project' file.
  2. Hi like on subject i wanna show u guys why this beta !$% me off... sometimes. One thing it's recovery file every time when i open Designer. No matter if i open app by file or normal.. And another problem it's performance. If for example i use affinity after fresh start app... all it's great... but after some times of using application i feel that performance it's little lower that normal. Little laggy on moving / rotate / zooming actions. And again doesn't matter if i add 2 lines of vector or 1k . And Grid problem, on large file i see moving canvas a problematic , tearing of screen and choppy . Very slow performance. For me affinity it's very good tool for all new and advanced ppl . Someone can say.. but illustrator have extra tools... but . When i start designer first time i can make what i want... on illustrator i need to find tools... wasting so many times to set perfect vector point... So many times i try illustrator but simple shapes it's problematic. But i count on that 1.7 version of affinity. This is why i'm testing beta. Sorry for my "English" , i have hope it's understandable . Affinity Last Beta. ( I give more proof soon ( working on it ) .