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  1. Thank you, Carl123! already so a lot of magic in Affinity, so maybe this magic will come someday too…
  2. Thank you, Old Bruce! yes, I know, if shutter is slow then the line is less (first picture above). In this case, I needed to take a picture of a monitor and a projection in one, so if it´s too slow, then the monitor is way too bright. I will put a screenshot of what was in the monitor later in the picture but wanted to ask if there is any possibility to get rid of these lines afterwards. Best
  3. Thank you, Lee! this one in attachment is extreme one… DSC04435.ARW
  4. Hello! I wanted to ask you if there is a magical tool, which can remove rainbow colour, stripe noise, if you take a picture of a projection. Perhaps I need to try to reduce that while taking picture but if there is a way to get rid of these afterwhile (raw or jpg), I´m more than super happy. Thank you in advance! Best

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