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  1. Thank you Very much Wosven 😉 The point is that all the tutorials are for the office desk version of Affinity Photo, not for the Ipad one. On the other hand I am French and it is a little complex for me. Perhaps some member would be able to answer my simple question about the transparency issue I raised in my last post ? (…"the clear one does not show the transparent sheet with the little grey cross lines that is under… ")
  2. Thanks 😉 In fact I think it’s possible to do that with the ios version as with the desktop version. But I have an issue. Here is how I do it in the say you do. -I create a layer and create a black rectangle -I go to the first menu (horny sheet) > Canvas> Transparent canvas so I get a transparent background. -With the gradient tool I create a radial line -When I move it, there are a clear area and a dark one that I can change but the clear one does not show the transparent sheet with the little grey cross lines that is under… So there is no transparency. Can you see where is the problem ?
  3. Thanks a lot ! 😉 Can you tell me the way to darken the outside area, I can’t do it… and are you sure that I could export it with the transparency ?
  4. Hi, I would like to create a vignette document to use it on a video editing app. So I could overlay it on my clips. I mean a central white transparent area surrounded by a grey-black shading halo. Can someone explain to me how to do this with the Affinity gradients tools ? Thanks My problem is that the gradient tool doesn't seem to work on a transparent page…
  5. Hi stokerg 😉 No, it is not. But, now it seems working well. Strange, maybe a kind of bug… One can see it on the capture above : the little photo is blurred. The same one is ok now.… Thanks anyway 😉
  6. Hello everyone 😉 I try to import a photo in Affinity Photo that I’d like to change the size with "place" in the menu with 3 black dots. The picture is displayed well but it is with very poor quality, very pixelated. Can someone advise me? Thanks a lot.
  7. Strange question. Because on this pictures I want to changes things as light, accurate much mote than on jpeg mode. I know I can change the raw in JPEG cliking on develop button but after I could not come back on raw mode…
  8. Hello everyone and Merry Christmas ;) Could Someone tell me if it is possible to blur a part of an image with Affinity Photo in raw mode? If it is, how can I do it ? Thank you
  9. Thanks DM1 I have an issue : a black background hides a part of one of the shots...
  10. Good evening everyone, Does anyone know if it is possible to display 2 photos side by side in A P for Ipad ? If yes, thanks to tell me the way to do it.
  11. Ok. That is the explanation : to duplicate the original picture. What do you mean by "nesting" ?
  12. As you can see I only have 2 : the black and white ajustement layer and the grey high pass layer but not the original image background layer…
  13. Thank you Alfred I did that. But the all grey high pass filter image remains the same after I selected linear brightness option.
  14. Hi Alfred on a non-raw picture with what is called "réglages" in French (square with 3 points) I selected "black and white" Then when I select the high pass filter : the picture appears as it is and not all grey as it should be.
  15. Hello everyone It seems that the high pass filter does not work on a black and white image. Well, I mean a black and white picture made from a color one in Affinity. Is it true ? If yes, is there another way to improve the sharpness ? Thanks
  16. Hi everyone In Affinity Photo for Ipad on raw mode there is a "Black point" under the histogram in the first option on the up right called "Basics". I think that in the desktop version there is this black point and also a "White point". Could someone inform me on this subject ?
  17. Thanks Lee -Yes it is supported by ios (Sony Nex 6) -Yes I can see the little logo in the corner.
  18. Hi I connect my iPad to an adapter to read a SD card with photos on which there are JPEG and RAW photos. When I go to Affinity Photo to open the RAW files they are noted but all in black…No picture ! How to identify them ?
  19. Thank you Stokerg About "tone mapping" : does this option make an HDR image ? Or they are differents things ?
  20. Good evening everyone I do not see how to enable the tone mapping in RAW mode. In normal mode there is a special icon that one can not find in RAW mode…
  21. I manage to resolve that issue copying the master layer : the red area diseapers but I can’t move the clarity cursor
  22. Another question about sharpness in raw mode Is it possible to use the brush to sharpen a part of a photo ? When I use the overlay brush, a red area appears where I painted and then I can not remove it, even if I click down on the palette in the appropriate circle "display an overlay"
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