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  1. Thanks DM1 I have an issue : a black background hides a part of one of the shots...
  2. Good evening everyone, Does anyone know if it is possible to display 2 photos side by side in A P for Ipad ? If yes, thanks to tell me the way to do it.
  3. Ok. That is the explanation : to duplicate the original picture. What do you mean by "nesting" ?
  4. As you can see I only have 2 : the black and white ajustement layer and the grey high pass layer but not the original image background layer…
  5. Thank you Alfred I did that. But the all grey high pass filter image remains the same after I selected linear brightness option.
  6. Hi Alfred on a non-raw picture with what is called "réglages" in French (square with 3 points) I selected "black and white" Then when I select the high pass filter : the picture appears as it is and not all grey as it should be.
  7. Hello everyone It seems that the high pass filter does not work on a black and white image. Well, I mean a black and white picture made from a color one in Affinity. Is it true ? If yes, is there another way to improve the sharpness ? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone In Affinity Photo for Ipad on raw mode there is a "Black point" under the histogram in the first option on the up right called "Basics". I think that in the desktop version there is this black point and also a "White point". Could someone inform me on this subject ?
  9. Nadar

    Black raw on Sd card !

    Thanks Lee -Yes it is supported by ios (Sony Nex 6) -Yes I can see the little logo in the corner.
  10. Hi I connect my iPad to an adapter to read a SD card with photos on which there are JPEG and RAW photos. When I go to Affinity Photo to open the RAW files they are noted but all in black…No picture ! How to identify them ?
  11. Thank you Stokerg About "tone mapping" : does this option make an HDR image ? Or they are differents things ?
  12. Good evening everyone I do not see how to enable the tone mapping in RAW mode. In normal mode there is a special icon that one can not find in RAW mode…
  13. Nadar

    Sharpen on raw files

    I manage to resolve that issue copying the master layer : the red area diseapers but I can’t move the clarity cursor

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