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  1. So I've been struggling with this for a bit, and maybe there is something basic I don't understand. But when I export my file to PDF for print lots (but not all?) of the text ends up garbled. The fonts are Crimson and Augusta (attached). I've also attached an exported file with garbled text. If I export it "flattened" it doesn't have this problem, but it is also like 50+ megabytes.... Anyone seen anything like this? Turbo Draft 5.1.afpub augusta.zip crimson.zip Turbo Draft Garbled.pdf
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    PDF Export Text Garbled

    Thanks you so much!
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    PDF Export Text Garbled

    Howdy, Yeah, in the garbled version it seems that anything in italics or bold wasn't garbled. I noticed that if I copy from the garbled text and paste it ends up... not garbled? I'm afraid I don't know what "embedded" text means. I'm sorta new at this.