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  1. This has only happened this once, two days ago, but I will test to see if it reoccurs.
  2. While using my Wacom pen on an illustration the colour brush became stuck on and started tracking all cursor movements around the screen. Command-Z undos would not remove those lines, but would undo previous brush steps. Are there issues with setting up Wacoms to work with with Affinity apps? I had to export the image and use in PS. Wacom driver is up to date. Using Catalina macOS on a MacBook Pro
  3. I just had this problem also, with AP 1.90 on my MBPro on Mojave.
  4. The stitching process over exposes my pencil drawings in a similar way. It stitches then I see another process flash by as Affinity blasts the light areas. Both scans have the same exposures. My copy of Photoshop CS6E makes a perfect panorama without any issues at all. Am using version 1.9 for Mac (Mojave) and am unsure if it has a Panorama Persona option. ( not in Help ) This problem needs fixing. Any luck with 1.91?
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