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  1. I have now found them, can anyone tell me how to apply them to a photo? It read very easily on the info page of the purchase
  2. I downloaded through the My Account function but cannot find the brushes
  3. I have just purchased the Smoke and Cloud brushes which I have downloaded successfully. However I cannot find where they are in Affinity Photo, please could you help me?
  4. I apologise as I am not very up on technical things! So, just so I am clear (and since deselecting this seems to have fixed my current problem with the crashing) when I download the next update will I have to select the hardware acceleration box again or just leave it alone as it is now as deselected?
  5. It asked me to restart which I have done and so just trying it now. Can you explain what it is that deselecting this does?
  6. So, I am using Windows and up until the recent update of 1.9 everything was fine. The program loads ok but when using certain filters eg depth of field filter in particular, I get so far then the program just shuts down
  7. I have just downloaded the update of 1.9 Affinity Photo and each time I am trying to edit photographs the program just closes itself down. Please advise?
  8. I am somewhat confused about cropping and saving an image - so here goes.... I photograph wildlife, birds and insects in particular. My aim is to crop my raw file which I am currently doing in unconstrained mode - great all well so far. When I have done this I am noticing that the pixel size in my image has dropped. When I have completed my editing and ready for exporting the image as a JPEG to save it - I have learnt from research that to obtain a good quality 10x8 print I need to be saving images at 3550x2550 pixels - ok so when I save the image I also type this number in the export box
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