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  1. Thanks, guys, for your response. Lee D: I have realised what I was doing wrong in the Preset selection. I was clicking on the down arrow next to the Preset box, whereas I need to click on the three lines just to the right of the Overlays box. R C-R: I am using Windows, so now know that I cannot expect Mac functionality. Problems solved, though I'm sure to be back as I am going to buy Affinity Photo. So much more powerful than Elements (which is too much biased towards guided edits) and so much more affordable than Photoshop. As a retired amateur I cannot justify the ongoing PS cost. I will miss the convenience of Elements Organiser, but can still use it with some effort.
  2. In my evaluation of Affinity (the program is becoming increasingly attractive), two things are frustrating me. The first is important to me, the second less so but useful: 1. Presets. I have seen a video which shows how to save a RAW preset, where the presenter right clicks on the Preset tab and is asked which one to use or whether to create a new one. When I do the same, the only option shown is Default which is, of course, already selected. If I click on this it takes my work back to square one. How do I enable saving of presets? 2. Menu. Most (all?) the videos show the menu bar hidden until the user takes the cursor up to the top of the screen. How do I hide the menu bar and save that little bit of screen space? Thanks to those who will reply. DaveMM
  3. I have just bought an M50 and am looking at a trial version of Affinity as a change from PSE11. I am very impressed, but the lack of CR3 support in a big turn-off. Please, Serif, give us a date for CR3 support and I will buy it immediately.

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