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  1. theconsultant

    Column configuration

    Thanks all of you! This makes a lot more sense now.. and works as expected! Now to figure out if I can put the Headline, byline and text of an article in the same box... and have the first two spread across the columns, and the last columnized.
  2. theconsultant

    Column configuration

    Thank you for pointing to that Seneca! Mind you when I go and create a 5 column text frame I notice that - I can not see all 5 columns' details (only 4 are visible in the screenshot) - right hand edge scrollbar needs to be always on when needed, or the toolbox needs to grow to accommodate all the fields (preferred). - several of the columns have different widths by default, i'm not sure why that is. I would always expect them to be the same to start! - Toggle ui (Tab key) should be ignored once I click inside a field to edit it as normal editor behaviour is to be able to use tab to navigate between fields.