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  1. Yes, I was merely suggesting to LisaZ that if she were to work with normal text her problem would vanish. But if I said it too cryptically, I'm glad you clarified.
  2. Never having used place-holder text in Publisher, I have not seen what you are seeing.
  3. Just FYI, this is not the only dialog that misbehaves. Previously I mentioned the Text Wrap dialog that has no "Cancel" option, but someone suggested that was OK because it's really a palette and not a dialog.
  4. Yes, I understand that part, but here we were talking about the program automatically continuing the story at the end of the document, on whatever page the end happens to be, not necessarily on the "several pages later" that you have in mind. Interesting point! Thanks, as always.
  5. When would you want contents of a second text box created on page 1 to skip (say) fifty pages and continue on page 51? (I admit to being dim.)
  6. Yes, wrap works again in ß 257. Thanks to the developers for restoring it. And yet the dialog should not allow mutually exclusive choices to be selected or highlighted simultaneously. If you play with the various options available, you may find that highlighting generally does not work as it should. But if the previous setting was not "None," then clicking on "None" is not the same as "Cancel." (There is, of course, "Undo.")
  7. The above works when creating a document, but once the document is created: I must be missing something obvious …
  8. There is a group of tutorials published by Serif here: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/286534891 This group is accessible through a menu item in the program: Help > Tutorial… And then there are additional tutorials scattered elsewhere, such as here: https://affinityspotlight.com/article/affinity-publisher-public-beta-vs-170227-now-available-on-auto-update/?utm_source=SpotlightEmail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter This last one focuses on new master-page functionality, but if users rely on the menu item in the program when looking for tutorials, they will not find it. They will be led to the aforementioned group of tutorials, some of which may be out of date. So … is there an organized list of all available tutorials? (I also question the wording of the menu item text, but that's a minor thing.)
  9. Thanks. I had sort of assumed that newer betas are designed to be able to open older files without any "translation errors." I had also assumed that even if this functionality was intended, it might not always work! So yes, I have been keeping the documents "up to date" (so to speak). Thanks again.
  10. Same thing happens with ß 257 on MacOS 10.13.6. And by the way, should the dialog box not have a "Cancel" option that undoes any change in dialog settings?
  11. Question 1: Does this happen only in documents newly created in Beta 257? Question 2: Are both of you seeing the problem only intermittently? Just FYI: Using Beta 257 on MacOS 10.13.6 I have not been able to replicate the problem in old documents or in new documents.
  12. I have about fifteen Publisher documents created with old betas. The newer betas provide greater master-page functionality than the old betas did. Is there an obviously sensible (and future-proof) way to convert my old documents to use the new functionality. Should I create a new "template" document and apply it to the content of each old document, one at a time? My documents are relatively short, no more than ten pages each. Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
  13. Glad to hear it. The OS is so complicated these days that perhaps no explanation will be forthcoming!
  14. Yes, I see that now in your video clip, thanks – but, as I said, I don't have the same problem in either Publisher or Designer.
  15. The MacBook I'm using at this moment does not have a Backspace key but, in both Designer and Publisher, the Delete key works fine with "artistic text" on a curve. I'm using MacOS 10.13.6, Designer ß, and Publisher ß
  16. Thanks for the video. What I see is your "centering distance measure" (in red) ending at 7.2 and then your "move distance measure" (in blue) going down from that 7.2 to 7.1 to 7. Obviously I am missing your point!
  17. It's even stranger than that: Publisher ß 249 on MacOS 10.13.6
  18. On my Mac running 10.13.6 and Pubisher Beta 249, ⌘P invokes the "Print…" command as expected. Does printing work normally for you in other applications?
  19. Thanks for confirming. I did a search for "wrap" before posting and thought it was incredible that nothing came up. I must have been doing something wrong.
  20. I can see the Symbol Studio via an assigned key-stroke but not otherwise. UI language: US English. Thanks.
  21. Opened a document created with an older beta. In that beta, text wrap (around an image) seemed to work OK. In the new beta (249), the wrap settings (left and right) seem to be reversed. In other words, if I select an image, click on the "Show Text Wrap Settings" icon in the tool bar, and then set "Distance from Text" for left and right, they come out reversed. For example, if I say "1 cm" for distance from right (of image) and "2 cm" for distance from left, when I dismiss the dialog I get a distance of 1 cm on the left and 2 cm on the right. I could not find previous reports, so am I the only one seeing this?
  22. I had a similar problem. In a master-page header I had inserted the usual <Section Name> marker, but when the name of the section was changed via the Section Manager, the altered name did not immediately show up on actual pages. Sometimes it showed up if I re-applied the master (although I don't see why I should have had to re-apply the master). Other times I had to remove the marker from the master-page, then re-type it, and then fiddle around in unspecified ways before the change would show up. In the current beta (249), the problem is a little bit different. If I change a label in the Section Manager, I can see the change reflected "in real time" in the header of a page in the background — but if I click on the window's red close control (without clicking the window's "Close" button), the change still goes through. I'm not sure this is how the Section Manager dialog should work. If I click the Section Manager widow's red close button, shouldn't the changes I made be canceled? (If this comment should be moved to a Section Manager topic, please move it.)
  23. Sorry to hear about your difficulty, robinp. On a Mac running 10.13.6 I don't seem to have the same difficulty. Good luck to you. I have a question: Do you know which file should be backed up so that one can restore user settings easily? Or is there a better way of doing this?
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